5 Conversion Optimization Tips for a Lucrative 2016


5 Conversion Optimization Tips for a Lucrative 2016

If you are interested in having a good year for your online business, you will need to know how to optimize your web pages for better conversion. Conversion rates refer to your ability to turn interest into actual sales. Better optimization can mean you have more money to invest in your business and you will wont have to take out a UK home and personal loans in order to invest more into your business. Here are five tips for gaining more conversion optimization in 2016


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  1. Come up with a loss leader

One of the best ways to gain interest in your products is to offer a loss leader. If you run a niche website or if you have an informational website where you sell products for affiliates, you can do this by offering a free e-book download. E-books that offer information so that your consumers can make an informed choice are popular. By offering an e-book that helps with product information, customers are likely to consider you an authority and will use your website to help them make choices. If you run your own website where you sell products, offer a free product with each purchase. Offering a free product as a loss leader is a big incentive for customers to purchase the product that they came for.


  1. Make your landing page more interesting

If you want more interest, you will have to make your page more interesting. Since you are likely to share your landing page, you want to make your landing page easy for customers to navigate and you want to make it interesting for them to read and continue to click through. If your landing page is too boring or busy, most customers will leave. An interesting page with updated information and a beautiful, clean design will keep readers on your page. You also want to make products visible without forcing them on the consumer through pop ups or allowing them to overtake the entire landing page.


  1. Make checkout quick

The more pages that a customer has to go through in order to make the purchases in their cart, the more chances they have to rethink the sale. Accept as many payment methods as possible and make checking out as easy as a few clicks and adding a little information. If at all possible, make checking out two pages or less.


  1. Break up the paragraphs

You want to get to the point in order to make sales. While customers appreciate information, you need to make the info concise and short if you are trying to sell a product. Many sellers will neglect making paragraphs and information easier to read. By making paragraphs shorter and info easier to read, your customers will be less frustrated and more likely to read.


  1. Add videos

In the time of YouTube and smart phones, you want to add videos to your websites. A video is easy to listen to on the go, even while performing other actions. Videos can also give large amounts of information in a few minutes or less.




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