Tips for Finding Good Loads


Tips for Finding Good Loads

The businessman running a profitable trucking business resembles a general planning a military campaign. You must strategize your truck routes in rapidly changing circumstances. You are constantly searching for where to get loads for trucks. Deadhead miles generally should be minimized. Read on for some tips.


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Know Your Operating Costs

In order to make a profit, you must earn more revenue than your cost per mile. Calculate a cost per mile for your truck: include insurance, fuel, lodging, repairs, and all other costs as expenses. Add your desired profit margin, and then you will have a minimum rate to earn per mile. Reject those loads that don’t add to your bottom line.


Develop Relationships With Freight Brokers

Freight brokers act as intermediaries between companies that need to ship loads and trucking companies. If you develop strong working relationships with freight brokers, they will think of you when they have loads that they know that you like to carry.


Check Load Boards

Load boards provide a valuable service to trucking contractors. If you plan to carry goods to a city, you can look for shipments that you can carry back home from that city and thus avoid traveling empty. However, you are at the mercy of the work that is available at the time. This strategy works best for filling in empty spots in your schedule.


Network With Business Owners 

Join business associations and attend events catering to the business that need your kind of services. Focus on companies that need the kinds of loads that your fleet specializes in, and they may start to come to you for help.  A bonus of this approach is that if the companies contract directly with you, you will cut out the middle man freight brokers and earn more.


For the best luck finding good loads that increase your profits, know your minimum rate per mile, develop relationships with brokers and companies, and check load boards. Using several strategies at the same time will decrease the time that your trucks sit idle.




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